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I am all stories ~ a creative journey in envelopes.
We are excited to invite anyone to engage with this initial exploration of an idea – an idea that will allow people to share a bit of themselves or their creativity. It’s completely free to get involved and you can let it take up as little or as much of your time as you like.
How the project works:
• We offer people creative prompts in tiny beautiful envelopes, which will be posted to you.
• You read the prompts and then react to them however you want.
• You then share your process and your creations with us and the community of people taking part or observing this collaborative and creative process.
Get Involved:
• If you would like to receive some little envelopes with prompts through the post then please email us at: hello@iamallstories.com
• We will then organise sending them to you and you will receive advice on interpreting the prompts and how to document your process when you get your envelopes.
Please do take part, please share with others – let’s all collaborate together and make a time, which is feeling quite isolated, one where we can come together and create beautiful things that will leave a lasting legacy on each other.

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