[ Today ]

Today a little parcel arrived. I go to the door to the postman running down the street, I silently thank the postal service for keeping parcels coming and staving off this madness.

I opened the parcel and inside were cut outs from old children’s annuals, more creative ideas that another member of the family had, staying up all night searching for creative bits on Ebay that could be used as creative adornments for the little envelopes – we are all becoming immersed in this little creative idyll, sharing lockdown and now this creative journey with each other.

Little illustrated words, story beginnings and story endings. I wonder if the people who illustrated these pictures all those years ago are still drawing, I hope so. And now I have received what somebody else has created, rethinking and reimagining moments that even they could not have dreamed their art would be used for. And all this before they even arrive at their last destination, with a little prompt inside for someone to interpret…

Moments to encourage ideas in others, small moments of beauty being rethought and sent into the world… Who knows what will be created, who knows where this line of creating will end…

I cannot wait to see!

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