[ Black with grey ]

It makes me think of age and wisdom, embossed letterheads and halls with high ceilings that would of housed great meetings in years long passed. It makes me think of grey hair born of age and knowledge and stressful times lived through.

It makes me think of black suits and dresses – for interviews and midnight balls and a morning at a wake.

With the years age brings we are at our most brilliant even though we start to fade, the deep knowledge we now possess makes use the strongest we have ever been even if it has taken a lifetime to learn, black and grey.

Grey from living a vivid life, from living life to the fullest. Lessons learnt from noticing the world going by, the world that has probably changed us as much as we have changed it.

Time has ripped and frayed our edges, but inside we are as solid as ever. As time passes we set the scene as others write the script.

The question is what now, what moments to project, what moments to share, and as you sit with the knowledge to change the world, ask yourself, will you?

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