[ Oh why can't I sleep? ]

Oh why can’t I sleep? The world is, or if they’re not asleep they are being incredibly quiet with their lights off. Only my light is breaking the constant darkness of an otherwise sleeping city.

4am. I’ve been lay in bed for three hours not sleeping… So it is time to change the energy if nothing else, before I go totally insane. I get up and move towards the kettle as though in a daze, hoping there is still enough long life soya milk in our supplies cupboard.

It was our opinion that the panic buying was not necessary at the beginning of this crisis, something that in the current time I’m probably regretting as I have been living off the strange leftover food that others decided, even in their panic, they could not eat. Off brand unusual jars of who knows what. But we do have some long life soya milk left, although the biscuits have gone… They are always the first to go.

So I sit with a cup of tea thinking of how best to start artistic journeys, how to open spaces, how best to connect with people’s creativity, and at some point even this feels too exhausting and I go back to cutting out pictures from newspapers for the day to come…

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