[ Postcard prompts ]

It’s amazing what you can get for £5.99! Okay plus £1.50 postage but you get my point….

100 beautiful old vintage postcards that I assume have been collected from museum trips, or bought on holidays, people collecting mementos from galleries, being snared in the gift shop as you walk out of another special day…

And there they were, listed for £5.99 for a hundred plus beautiful vintage postcards. The strangest collection from Napoleon to Rembrandt, copies of famous artistic creations but also historical figures, playful cherubs, moments of countryside and abstract daubings that I’m sure are exceptionally famous, but my knowledge and reading has not yet learned of their importance.

These postcards in time, whether abstract or not, will join our envelopes to become story beginnings, artistic prompts, artistic challenges rethought. Moments from the past, moments chosen by somebody else and arrived with us to change the lives of others.

And as they sit by the Sellotape and string and artistic books that I never seem to have the time to read, these postcards, these vintage moments, call to me to be used to change perceptions and pathways…

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