[ The Art Bunker]

As the self-isolation and then lockdown has taken hold on all our lives, as our self-employed work has come to a stop and our employed work has become impossible to carry out, we have turned to this project to keep our minds busy and our spirits high – We decided what we were now doing was ‘craft against the clock’ as we worked late into the evenings to see how many envelopes we could create, for our quickly rising numbers of participants waiting to receive them. As we slowly strung more and more lines of string across the walls, with envelopes pegged to them with little wooden pegs, they joined the art that was already in process in this small room, a room that is also a corridor between the kitchen and hallway ~ we quickly decided what we had created was ‘The Art Bunker’.

So here we show you what our version of an art bunker looks like, dog sticks, fur covered blankets, muddy boots, old cups, biscuit wrappers and all. What does your art bunker look like? Please send us pictures and we will add them to our gallery. Email: hello@iamallstories.com

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