[ The Ritual Of Tea ]

Prompt: The Ritual of tea/coffee.


Choose a cup you like; that sings to you; one you can imagine fitting your hand; that will compliment the colour of the liquor

Use the best quality leaves you can afford; good tea will stand multiple infusions; inferior tea will lead to an inferior experience

Use fresh water every time

Do not overfill the kettle

Warm the pot

Add as much tea as you need

Wait the correct length of time; this will differ tea to tea

Pour into your cup

Look at the liquor, it has a beauty all its own, contemplate that beauty as you savour the brew and give thanks to God

Repeat as often as necessary


When I saw the word Ritual on the envelope I thought of tea [I do not drink coffee]

Tea is one of life’s rituals, it needs to be done well, with time and respect but we have condensed it into a bag, favouring those blends which give a quick colour and strength to a cup.

I only drink loose green teas, I warm the pot and give the leaves due respect.

To a tea obsessed individual like me, this is an easy prompt.

I am going to do something different, I like the idea of a collage

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