[ I wonder up higher. ]

Prompt: What would it feel like to scream until your lungs have no air?

The creation:

I wander up higher

Until I feel far from the ground below.

Reaching out blindly 

I think about then

The transparency of us

The derelict building we hid our grief 

The taste of desolation, it’s rotting… it’s putrid in the back of my throat.

The stench of air unwritten.

I feel my saliva fall from my chin

vanity evanescence’s 

Muscles twitch

Skin itch

I blame the madness on the constant

The merry-go-round that stinks of old vomit and foolish fun

ashes under my feet, cravings contort the sky is barren

winter is haunting summer and spring

I wander alone 

My breath a whisper 

An Echoing stranger

I meant to say I miss you

But I scream ‘I miss me more’ 

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