PROMPT: Where am I?


Feeling locked in

This one feels like a huge topic- where to start?

I am in a room in a house, reluctant to go outside save for food and the queues that result from this activity

Would usually start with the cosmic- milky way, spiral arm- but not today

Were am I?

In a state of tension

In the middle of a crisis- hell, I hope it’s the middle, not the overture

Were am I?




Surrounded by water

Where am I?

In a room

In a house that has managed to stand for 150 yrs +

On a bent wood chair, who knows how old or who has sat on it before?

At a desk that came from a long stay hospital in Frome for people with intellectual impairments that closed in 1986, a desk that lived in my house then my mother-in-laws bungalow in Winscombe and then back in my old house in Taunton

Where am I?

In sequestration along with the majority of the nation

Self secluding in a hope of avoiding something that might not be good for my asthma

Caught up in the anxiety of a world shutting down

Where am I?

In my sixties

In a marriage

A father

A brother

A son-in-law

Tied to this net of relationships- welcoming the connections

Where am I?

In the middle of an art project deciding to answer this one out of character…

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