[ Who we are ]

We are two creatives, we are brother and sister, we have run many varied projects both independently and together over the years, we are fascinated by the possibilities of collaboration, we believe strongly in the importance of opening spaces for people, in all aspects of life, but especially creatively.

This idea has developed through many stages and we so excited that it has found this form.

We first started asking people to participate in this project before Covid-19 took hold on the UK, but under the current circumstances we have been using it as a wonderful creative distraction from the fear and silence outside the door, an outlet that has developed to involve friends and family near and far. Because of this we decided we wanted to change it’s form slightly so that anyone who is feeling bored, lonely, scared or creatively malnourished can dip into a few creative prompts to encourage creativity at home.

We encourage you to take part and become part of this little creative community, we look forward to meeting you through your creative explorations!

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