[ You've just arrived. ]

Prompt: You’ve just arrived. It’s all new. Where are you and how does it feel?

The Creation:

The stunning views stretched for miles as they bumbled along the bumpy roads, each field lay like a tapestry on either side, tinged with multiple variations of green. As they moved around the windy bends, Violet saw something ahead of her, to her surprise, Joanna pulled into the side of the road next to it and said: “Father said I should show you this”. 

Violet looked out of the window at the white mill, the building stood tall at about 25 feet. Its glorious sails stayed silent in the spring stillness. 

​”Where are we?” Violet asked. 

“Allerton, this is a rather famous mill” Joanna spoke with pride. 

“What’s it used for?” Violet asked walking closer to it and looking up. The beautiful building seemed to lay barren and statuesque, like an adult in a room full of naughty children. It seemed to have engulfed memories and worn its injuries with broken glass and litter. 

“It WAS a working mill. But was used as a Home Guard during the war” Joanna walked closer to the building and touched the walls. 

“It’s really beautiful,” Violet said leaning over and touching the white stone. “No one ever talks about the war anymore, don’t you think?” Violet said quietly almost like she was talking to herself.

​”It’s not a subject people feel ready to talk about”, Joanna suggested picking up a dandelion and blowing it into the air.  

“No, but don’t you think we should talk about it. I mean it happened. It hurt. We survived…”

​”Yes, but many did not” Joanna bit and Violet sensed that Joanna wanted quiet from her. The windmill looked out over rolling fields, a perfect landmark for travellers to find in the dark.  

“Come on,” Joanna told Violet reaching for her hand. Violet took it, their fingers entwined for a second and Joanna let go like she had been hit with a stone. Violet stiffened with rejection and followed Joanna reluctantly towards the door. Using her elbow, Joanna pushed hard against the wood until it moaned and opened. She grinned as Violet looked on with astonishment. 

“Are we going to rob houses?” Violet asked with a concerned look on her face. 

They walked inside the mill; the ceilings low on their head made it feel claustrophobic. They climbed the stone steps all the way up until they could go no further. Upon coming across a broken bottle on the top step, Joanna put her hand up to stop Violet in her tracks and used her foot to move the glass out of the way for her. Violet felt her cheeks crimson and she nodded a thank you. Joanna held her hand out for Violet to hold as she pushed up into the loft area, together they stepped towards the window and looked out. The view was mesmerising, it was as if God had taken everything from the Earth and then resuscitated it, gently placing everything down with perfection so that all of the organisms were buzzing with harmony and grace. Joanna looked over at Violet and saw the smile on her face reach her ears. Violet felt Joanna look at her and in the pit of her stomach, she felt the most delicious jolt of something she had never experienced before.


I was immediately transported to this part of a chapter I wrote for a book I am in the middle of writing. It just made me think of this moment.

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